Financial Services

Affinity Global was founded as a service provider for the Financial Services sector. Our ability to be a performance leader in this industry, while ensuring zero-defect compliance has made this sector Affinity Global’s largest. Customer solutions that include:

  • Early stage first party collections
  • Post charge-off third party recoveries
  • Legal collections
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency administration
  • Customer Care
  • Supplemental cardholder sales
  • Bankcard and Life Insurance sales
  • Database Scrubbing and List building
  • eCommerce payment portals
  • Back Office support

We understand that today’s banking customer has more option regarding their day to day banking and investments. It has never been more challenging to retain customers who demand more from their financial institution, at competitive prices. Affinity Global can help Banks, Credit Unions and Insurance companies with their bottom-line by introducing efficiencies to pre and post charge off business processes. The complexity of the evolving legislation like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has allowed Affinity Global to refine a compliance process that is best in class, reducing the risk for the credit lender.

Affinity Global provides services for the nine largest financial institutions in Canada, and the top three in the U.S.

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