Social Media Management

Monitor what your customers are saying about you.
Your customers are having conversations on social media regarding your products, services and experiences with your company. Identifying actionable social media comments allows your company to be in touch with satisfaction levels of your customers. The ability to deliver contextual intelligence to identify opportunities in improving processes, responding to complaints and maximizing the potential of sales opportunities and improving end-user satisfaction.

Your customer controls how and when they want to connect.
Social media represents a growing percentage of end-user contacts in a contact center. Allowing the customers to contact you on their terms is what today’s customers are demanding. Contact centers can leverage the efficiencies in converting the traditional real-time transactions to off-line transactions such as social media. Service levels and response rates are more accurately forecasted which introduces higher efficiencies and revenue.

Let us partner with your marketing initiatives.
Our contact centers are an integral part of any marketing strategy. Responding to and tracking social media responses to promotions, new product launches and service enhancements. This allows the creative to focus on the message and the vision while knowing that the responses are being effectively treated and measured.

How do you define success in social media?
We are experts in defining key metrics as they pertain to your specific industry and/or product line.

  • N Real-time analysis of mentions per time period
  • N Number of followers
  • N Unique comments and/or verbatim
  • N Kudos
  • N Net Promoter Scores

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