Accounts Receivable

Don’t let uncollected resources or opportunities slip by.

To your business, every receivable is a missed opportunity–to invest in new technologies, to better serve your existing customers, to attract new ones, and, ultimately, to grow your business.

Affinity Global can provide reliable, efficient and cost-effective debt collections services that ensure you obtain the receivables that are rightfully yours. Let us focus on your debt so you can put your attention – and your resources – where it really counts.

We’re enhancing debt collection every day.

Right now, we have more than 500 workstations dedicated solely to performing outbound debt collections services–and we’re always adding more. These workstations are located throughout the United States, Canada, Panama and the United Kingdom, and they are equipped with industry-leading technologies such as arXCollect by i4Quality.

The account receivable management solutions we provide include both first- and third-party environments. They encompass all facets of the debt collection lifecycle, from early-out pre-charge-off collections to dormant debt post-charge-off recoveries.

Leading Authority

We are Canada’s debt collection authority.

Thanks to our 15 years of success in the debt collections industry and our standing as the largest privately owned ARM company in Canada (and one of the top five in North America), we are not just a provider of debt collection services, we are a leader in the industry. We are active members of the professional organizations that write the rules and set the guidelines for debt collections that other companies merely follow.

Industry Organizations

These organizations include:

  • American Collector Association International
  • Ontario Society of Collection Agencies
  • Receivable Management Association of Canada Inc.
  • Telecommunication Receivables Management Association of Canada

Commercial Services

Over 100 years of Commercial ARM management experience

Affinty Global’s Commercial Division delivers a comprehensive receivable program, specifically designed to assist in managing delinquent accounts and reducing your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Global offers select programs that are industry specific and time sensitive, such as custom designed demand letters, early out programs, and legal letters.

In the event of an account requiring litigation to secure and recover the outstanding debt, we offer litigation services for both Small Claims Court and Superior Court on a National level.

Commercial Services include:

  • Receivables Management
  • Pre-Collection Letter Program
  • Asset investigation
  • Litigation
  • Enforcement of Judgement

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