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Affinity Global can develop a customized CRM or IVR solution to successfully manage your company’s interactions with current and future customers for less than you might think.


Affinity Global owns i4Quality Software, a dynamic software company and industry innovator that will help YOU develop a CRM solution that you own. Our in-house development team has built CRM custom solutions for enterprise clients as large as 1,000 workstations. Talk to us about building a solution for your organization.

ARxCollect ™ ARxCollect

Security. Privacy. Compliance. Workflow. Reporting.

The Accounts Receivable world has changed. No longer is the focus primarily on collecting money, but rather on protecting your client’s brand and data. Collection systems have been adapted over the years in an attempt to address these concerns. The ARx family of products was built from the ground up with this functionality in mind.

ARxCollect allows you to intelligently and efficiently maximize your recoveries, while adhering to even the most complex client directives. Five collection desks, or five thousand, there is an affordable ARx solution that’s right for you

ARxVelocity ™ ARxVelocity

When multiple time-sensitive projects demand large amounts of data to be exchanged, ARxVelocity takes charge. This module processes millions of records quickly and easily with powerful tools to assist with record rejection and reprocessing.

ARxPartner ™ ARxPartner

Creditors and Debt Buyers need to manage their inventory across a network of partners. The ARxPartner module provides a suite of powerful tools for easily distributing and tracking your accounts.

ARxWorkflow ™ ARxWorkflow

Take control of your inventory. ARxWorkflow permits you to micro-manage every aspect of every account using a powerful yet easy-to-use graphical user interface similar to Microsoft Visio.

ARxInsight ™ ARxInsight

Near real-time Production call center statistics. Monitor campaigns of different types; it is easy and flexible to use; shows actuals vs. planned vs. sales leads. Uses data from your dialer, phone system and sales system.

Ubiquity ™ Ubiquity

Is a systems integration solution, for business process management, workflow, forms, and document management. With Ubiquity, you can connect your apps together to automate processes and make decisions in real-time. Ubiquity is secure, reliable, and scalable from small business to large enterprise.

AFFINITY GLOBAL offers custom built software solutions for any size contact center. Visit for more information.


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